Release Notes – 02.18.2016

New Features

Default Content: Blog Posts
Newly created websites will now include a series of 4 starter blog posts. The posts are set to auto-publish at various weekly intervals from when the site was created. Note that the content of the posts (featured city, phone, address, etc.) are populated at the time of test drive creation. Your Web Development Coordinator will help you review and update these during your first 30 days.

Bug Fixes

Blog Posts: Facebook Post Images
When sharing blog posts to Facebook or other social media sites, the image used by the social media post was being selected randomly from the page, or showed no image at all. The social media sites look for a meta tag on the page named “og:url” to determine what image to use. When saving a blog post, your website now checks to see if there are any images in the blog post content and if so, uses the first one as the “og:url” value.

Open Link in Lightbox Iframe
The “lightboxes” that we use to open a link in an iframe have been updated to use jquery, instead of the older prototype.js and their styling is now responsive so that they display properly on mobile devices. Also, the mobile nav menu (the select box variety) has been updated to work correctly for this case.

Edit bar link for featured listings details
In Edit Mode, there was a broken link in the edit bar of the featured listing details page.

New state disclaimer system for Texas customers
Texas requires special disclaimers on a per agent basis. We’ve added a tool which allows customer service to configure the state mandated footer link to “Information About Brokerage Services” forms.

Remove errant character in og:title
Errant characters were being outputted in og:title tags in certain circumstances.

Post-It Note Invisible in Admin Menu
A css class for “ih-notification” was causing one of the Admin Menu’s post-it style notifications to turn invisible.

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