Release Notes – 03.17.2016

New Features

Featured Listings: New Rule for “Area”
On featured listings type pages you can now add rules (filters) by area.

Bug Fixes

Background processes for Find My Listings / Delete Listings
Due to a high incidence of timeouts when running “Find My Listings”, and also when deleting an agent’s listings, these tasks now trigger background processes when selected. The Edit Listings page will show statuses of the background tasks, but the user can go on to do other things while the process is running.

Template: Warner Red: Navigation Disappearing without Logo
Fixed a bug where the nav and header would disappear without a logo widget.

Template: Nightcrawler: Subnav Length Bug, EULA Positioning
Fixed an issue where the subnav container would be way too tall of the end user has a ton of subnav links. It now tops out at 500px tall and scrolls the rest. Fixed positioning for the end user license agreement.

Template: Modern Business: Subnav z-indexing Issue
Fixed an issue where elements on the Map Search page were rendering on top on the subnav dropdowns.

Facebook app relative links
On the Elite Facebook search page, there is a link to the Agent’s website. This was being generated as a relative url, which caused the page to render incorrectly (this account showed the problem really well by having a background image, other people may just have not really noticed). Modified the template to generate a complete URL using the agent’s domain.

Inactive Status Listings
There was a bug in the deactivation code that caused a subset of listings to be skipped over instead of checked for in the feed – resulting in the listing not getting marked as inactive.

Ckeditor config: Marquee Tags and Content Templates
Recent configuration changes to CKeditor caused it to take a more strict approach to how it treats content. One unintended consequence was that it began to automatically clean up marquee tags (since they are technically deprecated), overwriting them as paragraph tags. Another unintended consequence was that the “content templates” in CKeditor broke. We rolled back the config changes.

Mortgage Calculator: empty values
Providing empty values in mortgage calculator forms would result in unseemly “NaN” values in the output.

Reordering lead tracker statuses
Certain use cases when reordering lead tracker statuses threw undefined index errors.

Unique meta titles for blog archive and tags pages
Meta titles for several blog pages should now be unique to improve indexing quality for archive and blog tags pages.

“Back to search” links
The “back to search” links drawn on listing details pages linked to from saved search widgets were not retaining the saved search context properly.

Ckeditor: Absolute URL mode
Links to “page on your website” being generated for the email campaign editor needed to be absolute since relative URLs make no sense in an email context.

Printable flyer: page titles and indexing
The printable flyer views for listings have a “noindex” meta tag and should not be indexed by search engines, but if they are indexed, they now have have unique titles.

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