Release Notes – 03.31.2016

New Features

Customize Registration Form Text
You can now customize the text that appears above your Registration Form. Go to Admin Menu > Settings > Registration Options.

Bug Fixes

Omnibox Addresses
When typing into the omnibox, if you put in a complete address (address, city, state) but didn’t make the corresponding selection from the drop down, the backend didn’t recognize it as an address, and no listing was found. Extended search code to identify this situation, and identify the search string as an address.

Agentlink Field
Not-null field in agent record wasn’t being set properly when saving the agentlink, causing a database error. e-released 3/23.

Manual Listings – Agent Assignment
Editing a listing in manual mode didn’t allow for re-assigning the listing to a different agent. The change was not being properly saved to the database.

More Accurate Default Content
When generating the default content for a test drive website, sometimes the wrong zip code was being used, resulting in the wrong primary city name being used in the website content.

Upgrade Error
In certain upgrade cases, an error message was shown on the screen, even though the charges were correctly modified. e-released 3/29

Office admin notification of round-robin lead assignment
Notification emails sent to assignees of leads will now be BCCed to the parent account from which the assignment came.

Facebook using wrong image
We have implemented a suggestion from Facebook that forces a scrape of the Listing page before we actually post it. In theory, this should cut down on the number of times Facebook uses the wrong image.

Manual Listing Entry
Tags (and a few other fields like Golf Course) were not being correctly saved on the initial entry for manually entered listings.

Fix listing photo URLs when prepped in email mode
Changes to google storage and database driven metadata for photo URL generation broke URLs when generated in email mode.

Reduce general crawl delay entry in robots.txt
The general crawl delay entry in our robots.txt files has been reduced from 60 to 15

Redundant agent names
Agent names were being outputted twice on agent profile pages.

Agent Assignment via CSV Import
Customer service can now add agent directory ids to csv files when importing endusers to have them auto assigned to agent directory entries.

Printable Flyer: Baths formatting
Print flyer view wasn’t using the new baths display formatting.

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