Release Notes – 07.07.2016

New Features

Page Backgrounds
There is a new tool that allows you to style page backgrounds using a GUI (Graphic User Interface). To access this feature, look for the paint roller icon in the blue bar while in Edit Mode.Pretty URLs
You may now assign custom URLs via the content editing interface, and new content will have pretty URLs by default. This functionality is available for all content in the pages manager, as well as all blog posts and agent bios.

Facebook Event Tracking

For those who are using Facebook Pixel to do tracking on their website, we now automatically send Lead events when a website visitor registers or fills out a contact form.Bug fixes

Sort by lot size

Added the ability to sort by acreage on all pages where listing results appear, including agent bio pages.

Saved Search Pages: Always show footer text

Custom footer text now displays on saved search pages even when there are no search results.CK Editor:

Restored Content Templates

Restored the custom styling template options within the CK Editor.

Banner Search Overlay: Fixed EULA formatting

Corrected formatting issues that affected a subset of templates for MLS boards that require an EULA (End User License Agreement) checkbox.

Featurette Widget: Changed Contact Us Link Behavior

The “Contact Us” link in the stock “Featurette Widget” was updated to replace the existing page rather than opening in a new tab.

Agent Bio: Listing Sort

Restored listing sort functionality on Agent Bio pages.

Manual Commercial Lisitngs: Square Footage and Lot Size

Restored “Square Footage” and “Lot Size” fields for manually entered commercial listings

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