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Photo captions in blog?

I'd like to wrap my blog text around a photo AND a caption. I've accomplished the photo part. (See screen shot below.) How do I add a caption, right there under the photo? Thanks.


Hello Sylvia,

There is not a built-in caption option, but there are a couple of ways that we can make this work for you.

What is the caption test that you want added?

Hi Kevin, see my post:

Typically, I would want to put the caption right below the photo. Use the text at the top of the post to demonstrate!


Hello Sylvia,

I have put these images inside of a 2 cell table, so that the image occupies the top cell and you can type in text in the bottom cell to act as a caption space.

Using the blog editing toolbar, first I put the mouse cursor on the line I want the table to show in, then I selected the 'table' button on the toolbar


and added a 2 cell table.

Then I edited the table by right-clicking on it and selecting 'table properties'

I set the table alignment to 'right' and set the width to 320px (the size of your images so it is a nice tight fit)


Then I put the picture in the top cell and you can type in the bottom one normally.

Kevin, thanks, this is great progress. How can we make a wider margin between the body text and the table? Top and bottom are fine but there's none on the left of the table.

Hello Sylvia,

Since we have placed these pictures inside of tables, you can just right-click on that table, then select the 'table properties' section.

From the table properties section, adjust the cell padding to add space around it. I set this padding to '5' for you already.

Hmm, "padding" is not working for me (Mac & Chrome). Here's a screen shot.


Hello Sylvia,

If you want to have a border set then the 'padding' option will not work because it sets the distance between the content and the cell wall, I was using it without the border before.

There is not a good way to add this without causing problems on responsive layout, it was work best if we can leave the border turned off for these.

Thanks Kevin. I have turned off the border. Still looks not-great. Are you sure iHouse doesn't have a feature that allows for photos and captions in blog posts? I can't be the only iHouse client who wants that.

While we're on the subject: Can I make the blog post headline bigger? Check out screenshot attached. Sure doesn't shout "Read me!"



Hello Sylvia,

Currently there is not a built-in image caption, this is a feature we are looking into adding. 

The blog title size varies depending on template however I can set it to a custom size for you. I have make it bigger and bolder for you, but we can change it more if you want.

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