Release Notes - 2018.01.25


  • TurboLeads desktop is ready for AgentPro packages! Any new websites that get created (agent package only) will get the new TurboLeads CRM instead of our legacy LeadTracker CRM
  • Email and phone verification on Elite side Phone and email verification tools are now available on the profile screen in the account app view.
  • Edit TurboLeads user time zone from Elite profile Agent profiles with the ability to login now have editable timezones, which synchronize for use on TurboLeads.
  • TL: apps links in main nav (desktop only) Menu links have been cleaned up and relocated both in TurboLeads and Elite.

Bug Fixes

  • Leadtracker notes recording wrong timezone Once users are migrated to TurboLeads, their timezone settings will affect the presentation of timestamps for contact events.
  • Can’t remove agent Allow user level agent_directory with another owner elite account to be deleted. Currently, it prevents this.
  • Double Notifications for new leads Double notifications should no longer be sent to TurboLeads users when endusers register.
  • Account phone number issues Agent directory phone numbers weren’t being initialized upon account creation.
  • Stage testing:unable to send verify phone link from admin menu Phone verification SMS messages were failing when a TurboLeads app phone wasn’t provisioned for an account yet. This has been fixed.
  • Can’t edit profile A reference to a deprecated user object property was removed.
  • Stage Testing: Email Signature is Plaintext Only Recent restructuring of the agent profile edit screen prevented ckeditor from being properly initialized in certain circumstances.
  • Droid not getting push notifications User entries where manually fixed in the database to correct for issues caused by a previous bug.
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