Release Notes - 2018.02.08


  • Migrate statuses - logic and script
    Scripts are available to manage statuses and assist in batching of turboleads migrations.
  • Migrate Elite settings to TurboLeads (elite functionality)
    Various settings were moved to TurboLeads, and Elite was updated to reference them via remote model for migrated customers.
  • Change owner profile
    Agent user records updated to manually change owner profiles for several accounts.
  • Change child site owner profile
    Agent user manually updated to change owner profile.
  • Change office admin profile
    Agent user manually updated to change owner profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Double notifications of new leads
    Removed various instances of double notification of lead activity and improved TurboLeads reporting and notification for form events.
  • Automatic tags for various ihouse elite forms
    When a web user submits a form, their contact will be appropriately tagged with the name of the form on TurboLeads, as it currently is in Elite.
  • Unable to enable agent login
    Agent user stack cleaned up for account to allow users to be created.
  • Autoresponse emails not sending
    Several incorrect migration status checks were corrected.
  • Unable to reactivate child site
    Agent user undeleted to allow a child account to be reactivated.
  • Reactivate child site
    Undeleted an agent user record to allow a child site to be reactivated.
  • Housetrack expiration not changing
    A newly reorganized screen for housetrack settings wasn't saving the expire property properly.
  • Register form "select agent" not working
    The custom form input for selecting an assigned agent was broken by recent infrastructure updates.
  • TL new registration email formatting
    New lead notification emails from TurboLeads now contain more useful information.
  • Can't enable agent login
    Agent user stack manually cleaned up to allow for agent profile creation.
  • Unable to verify new email address on TL
    Changing email or phone will now properly clear the related verified flag both on Elite and Turboleads.
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