Release Notes - 2018.02.22


  • TurboLeads for Offices
    Any new Office package accounts going forward will start with TurboLeads instead of LeadTracker

    • There is one TurboLeads account for the entire office
    • Every agent gets their own user on that account with their own login, dashboard, and mobile app access.
    • Even agents that don’t have a website can use TurboLeads.
    • All the same LeadTracker functionality is available including Round Robin auto lead assignment, notifications, etc.
    • Mailchimp integration can be setup once for the entire office account to use, or individually for those users that want to do their own.
  • Client Activity in TurboLeads contact details
    TurboLeads will now collect and display listing view and listing search events for all registered contacts
  • Display all collected contact info in TurboLeads
    Custom registration form content should now be appropriately collected and displayed on client details pages in TurboLeads.
  • Initial Search Criteria in Lead Notification Emails
    TurboLeads form submission notifications will now also include most recent search details whenever available.

Bug Fixes

  • Round Robin Lead Assignment Not Working
    Accounts migrated to TurboLeads should no longer manage lead assignment on the Elite side.
  • Office: turning off round robin makes all leads unassigned
    All TurboLeads migration checks should now check parent value as well, and remote settings checks should reference parent values for child accounts.
  • Wrong profile showing on Turboleads
    Account user records manually corrected to fix TurboLeads ownership.
  • Error using account switcher as child agent
    A small issue in authentication management created 500 error for certain contexts switches as a non-owner user. This is fixed.
  • 500 Error When trying to create agent profile
    Agents screen was throwing a 500 error trying to build initials when an agent was missing a first/last name. This has been fixed.
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