Release Notes - 2018.05.17


  • Blog post drip publishing
     There is a new option to "Automate Publish Blog Posts" for our stock blog content. This will restructure the publish dates of the Buyer/Seller Article type blog posts. It leaves about a dozen posts published as a base - making sure that there are one or two in every category. The other ~40 posts get their publish dates set to future dates - at weekly intervals.Assuming that Facebook auto-posting is turned on, when these scheduled posts get published in the future, it will trigger a corresponding social media share of the article.
  • Stop capturing leads from unknown callers
     We're going to turn off the TurboLeads setting to capture leads from inbound calls/texts since the vast majority of them are not legitimate real estate leads.
  • Upcoming modal registration and login
     We're currently testing versions of modal and password-less login/registration forms which are set to release in the near future.

Bug Fixes

  • TurboLeads not saving HouseTrack searches
     Manually fixed contact website user linkage.
  • Housetrack filter on contact database not working correctly
     Contact data regarding HouseTrack emails has been resynchronized with TurboLeads.
  • Can't view Saved Listings in Turboleads without Admin login
     Improve user experience of linking out to saved listings and searches from TurboLeads details pages.
  • TurboLeads hyperlinks not working on yahoo mail
     Contact links in TurboLeads contact emails will now be properly wrapped in anchor tags.
  • Can't save styler tool changes
     An issue with a server rebuild temporarily created issues with style customization tools.
  • Misspelling of "listing" in TL notification email
     A typo was corrected in the TurboLeads listing saved notification.
  • Agents not getting assignment emails
     Until a proper user invitation system is implemented, TurboLeads will no longer require email verification to send email notifications about lead activity.
  • "Oops" error on info form submission
     Legacy MailChimp code was created issues for some users trying to submit contact forms from listings. This code has been removed.
  • Agents removed from lead assignment still getting leads
     Manually fixed agent user stack.
  • Hyperlink button not working
    Fixed an error loading form data for CKeditor's link data in certain use cases.
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