Release Notes – 2020.03.26


  • Option To Hide Sold Badge (Date)
    There is a new checkbox in Admin Menu: Settings: Listing Display: “For sold listings, include the sold date inside the sold badge”. It is checked by default.
  • Default View for Saved Search pages
    When the view for a saved search page is matching its default view, and is a value other than split, it now correctly shows split as a query string value when selecting that view.
  • Page Layout text
    Altered the text and presentation of the “no padding” setting on the page layout edit screen to make it clear that it modifies the “full width” setting.
  • MLS compliance flag to hide all open house data
    Added a compliance flag so that MLSes can request that open house data not be displayed or searchable.
  • Keyword mapping tools for MLSes that have changed to WebAPI
    Significant updates and improvements have been made to internal tools for mapping and building keyword search data.
  • ADA: review idx filters with menus
    Adjusted IDX dropdown filters to comply with ADA guidelines
  • SC-TRIDENT Add 55+ Keyword
    Added keyword search options (including Senior Community) to SC-TRIDENT on react templates.
  • KS-HMLS keywords
    New keyword search options, including golf course and lake front, are now available for KS-HMLS on react templates.
  • WI-MMLS keywords
    Added lake option to keyword search for WI-MMLS on react templates.
  • MO-MARISNET convert to MLSGrid 3/1
    Keyword search lookups have been rebuilt for MO-MARISNET after a data format change deprecated old data.
  • FL-FLAGLER construction keywords
    Added keyword searches for “blog construction” to FL-FLAGLER for react templates.
  • NC-CMLS Keywords needs additional mapping due to GRID WebAPI change
    Keyword search lookup tables for NC-CMLS have been rebuilt in response to a data format change deprecating existing data.
  • SC-GIDX keyword
    Fixed issues with keyword mapping for SC-GIDX and added “log construction” as as searchable keyword.
  • IN-SIRA Keywords need updating
    Keyword search lookup tables for IN-SIRA have been rebuilt in response to a data format change deprecating old data.
  • MA-CCIAOR Keywords Update 3/12
    Keyword search lookups for MA-CCIAOR have been rebuilt in response to a data format change deprecating old data.
  • NM-SWMLS Keywords Remapping
    Keyword lookup tables have been rebuilt for NM-SWMLS after a data format change deprecated old data.
  • FL-MID Keywords need remapping due to GRID WebAPI change
    Keyword searches for FL-MID (and it’s associated boards) should be functional again after a data format change necessitated remapping and rebuilding.
  • KY-WKRMLS waterfront keyword problem
    Keyword searches for waterfront are now available for KY-WKRMLS on react templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Form fields removed when creating form
    Fixed an issue where adding custom fields when creating a new form page would lose the default form fields.
  • Agent/Broker filters restrict by listingType
    The agent and broker filter now only show the radio choices for what type of agent/broker (listing, selling, either, both) for sold type listings.
  • Areas and Age Requirement fields not working
    Fixed issues with custom field search filters on react templates.
  • ADA: Button groups in dropdowns
    When our filter button groups (beds, baths, etc.) were rendered inside the Dropdown component, the space bar no longer worked to select the focused item (for keyboard-only users). This has been fixed.
  • Listing share showing blank acre field
    Cleaned up where the lot size value is calculated (when not given)
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