Release Notes – 2020.06.04


  • Several keywords updates
  • Code cleanup to remove old older javascript libraries.
    Much of this is pending for the next release cycle as well.


  • GA-GAMLS in ground pool keyword
    Added pool related keyword search terms to GA-GAMLS on react templates.
  • OR-SOMLS Keywords need updating
    Keyword search lookup tables for OR-SOMLS have been rebuilt after a data format change deprecated previous mapping data.
  • MD-BRIGHT private pool problem
    Improved the accuracy of the private pool keyword search term for MD-BRIGHT.
  • FL-SEBRING Keyword Update
    Rebuilt keyword search lookups for FL-SEBRING after a data format change deprecated previous mapping data.
  • GA-GAMLS- Add Exterior field
    Added a variety of keyword search terms for GA-GAMLS on react templates.
  • CA-SACMLS add private pool keyword
    Added private pool keyword search term to CA-SACMLS.
  • FL-MID construction type field
    Added block and wood construction keyword search terms to FL-MID.
  • New MLS CT-GWMLS Needs Keywords done
    Keyword search functionality has been added to CT-GWMLS on react templates.
  • New MLS VA-SPLLBR Needs Keyword Mapping
    Added keyword search support toVA-SPLLBR on react templates.
  • New MLS IL-QCARAC Needs Keywords
    Keyword search functionality added for IL-QCARAC on react templates.
  • WY-TETON wooded lot keyword
    Added keyword search term for wooded lot to WY-TETON.
  • AR1057374 – New Twillio #
    Provisioned new twilio number.
  • AR1053949 – Sold Listings – Schedule a Showing button
    The Schedule Showing button will no longer show on sold listings on react templates.
  • Data Removal Request
    Processed GDPR request for data removal.
  • GA-GAMLS waterfront
    Improved waterfront keyword search term on GA-GAMLS for react templates.
  • (AR457695): NYS regulations – auto create task
    Added tools for compliance with New York state regulations.

Bug Fixes

  • GDPR Custom Form Bug
    Fixed an issue that kept GDPR inputs from working correctly on custom forms on react templates.
  • Exclusive tag filtering
    Filtering contacts by tags now will return matches based on ALL the selected tags instead of ANY selected tag.
  • Blog flicker when navigating to post
    Fixed flickering on transitioning to posts from paginated blog pages.
  • SEO Meta Description not showing
    Prevent google from using disclaimers in snippets.
  • Nav overlay row not showing
    A minor markup change caused an important CSS rule for the navigation overlay to break. This has been fixed.
  • Broken GA page view events
    Google Analytics page view events have been fixed.
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