Release Notes – 2020.06.18


  • More code cleanup
  • Market Reports coming soon
  • New Terms of Service and other misc fixes for ADA


  • FL-FLAGLER handyman keyword
    Added “handyman” keyword search term to FL-FLAGLER on react templates.
  • WY-TETON golf keyword
    Added several keyword search terms, including “golf course,” for WY-TETON on react templates.
  • Ability to remove featured listings carousel on specific SS page
    Added a per saved search page setting to disable the featured listing carousel on react templates.
  • NH-NERN- IDX keyword – Shared Access
    Added “Shared Water Access” keyword search term to NH-HERN on react templates.
  • TX-NTREIS- Hunting Property keyword
    Added “Hunting/fishing” keyword search term to TX-NTREIS on react templates.
  • CA-SYAOR Vendor change Keywords needed remapping
    Keyword search mapping and lookup tables for CA-SYAOR were rebuilt after previous data was deprecated by a data format change.
  • FL-GFM gulf access-all keyword
    Added “gulf access” keyword search term for FL-GFM on react templates.
  • NH-NERN – Keyword – Exclusively Owned
    Added “waterfront rights exclusively owned” keyword search terms to NH-NERN on react templates.
  • FL-GFM gated keyword
    Improved accuracy for the “gated community” keyword search term for FL-GFM on react templates.
  • FL-GFM waterfront listing not returning
    Improved accuracy of the “waterfront” keyword search term for FL-GFM on react templates.
  • FL-ECAOR gulf keyword
    Added “gulf front” and “coastal dune lake” keyword search terms to FL-ECAOR on react templates.
  • Add Alt Text to Default Company Logo Widget
    Added support for logo alt.
  • FL-ECAOR – Adding property feature Gulf Front
    Added “gulf front” keyword search term to FL-ECAOR on react templates.
  • MA-MLSPIN non waterfront showing up in keyword
    Fixed an erroneous keyword mapping on MA-MLSPIN.
  • AR943140 – change email
    Cleaned up agent user stack.
  • Why is your homepage missing a URL Slug?
    Improved quality of error logging in specific cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Advanced Search max price, sqft options issues
    Fixed price, lot size, house size, and year built filters to properly clear and update.
  • Unable to edit/remove old manual virtual tours
    Enabled editing of virtual tours on older templates
  • Agent pages loading non-existent sold data
    Fixed bug related to searching for sold data when sold data is not available.
  • Slash in blog title share post
    Fixed issues with excessive escaping of special characters in titles for blog posts on legacy templates.
  • Can’t unselect garage filter
    Can now select any on the Garages filter.
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