Release Notes – 2020.10.08


  • Include Pending listings on agent pages
    Pending listings are now included by default and they are included along with the "for sale" listing results.
  • Remove passwords from agent, agent_directory
    Removed pieces of deprecated authentication system.
  • Update MailChimp Verbage
    Added clarifying text in response to Mailchimp changing "lists" to "audiences"
  • Traffic: listing page views
    Added a new "listing page views" report to our traffic report section
  • GA Conversions: Market Report Lead Funnel Tracking
    The event label in our “Traffic Report > Conversions” screen now indicates the context of the registration prompt (listing details vs market report vs blog etc.)
  • Listing address apostrophe problem
    HTML encoded apostrophes in listing addresses should now display properly on react templates.
  • Listing description breaks
    HTML in listing descriptions should now display properly on react templates.
  • Html code showing in descriptions
    HTML in listing descriptions should now display properly on react templates.
  • Market Report Default Registration Settings
    Revised market report default registration settings to have a non-dismissable registration prompt

Bug Fixes

  • Make blog publish times respect account time zone
    Blog publishing times will now properly respect timezone settings on react templates.
  • Mobile Responsive Tables in Custom Content
    Fixed a bug that prevented tables from being responsive inside some custom content areas
  • The Navigation links are not working
    Added better checking and handling of errors caused by bad characters breaking json_encoding.
  • Cannot complete testdrive website build
    Fixed an issue that created problems building office testdrives.
  • TurboLeads not presenting saved listings in appropriate order
    Fixed the ordering of saved listings on contacts in TurboLeads.
  • Address covered on listing details
    The listing details header component has been revised to handle a missing address.
  • Activate account: password evaluator error
    Removed deprecated javascript from the password strength checker in the activate process.
  • Mobile Blogging Problems
    The admin menu blog UI had some elements that were inaccessible on mobile devices. This has been fixed.
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