Release Notes – 2020.12.03


  • Cards widget - featurette card type
    Added a new cards widget card “type” which is called “featurette card”. This is an alternative to the “flip card” type that is already available.
  • Cards Widget - supporting text
    Added supporting text at the top of the Cards editing UI that discusses recommended image size. Cards widget now serves as a replacement for the "featurette widget" as well.
  • AZ-LHAV homes w/o lot keyword negation search
    Added "Homes without Lot" keyword search term to AZ-LHAV on react templates.
  • Admin menu TL webinar link
    Added webinar link to admin menu for office agents.
  • No page title placeholder
    The pages interface when editing websites will now display placeholder text rather than a blank space for pages without a name.
  • WA-NMLS waterfront types
    Keyword search options were updated for WA-NMLS on react templates.
  • Featured locations widget - tiles
    Featured locations widget now supports a new “tiles” format that is similar to our legacy “saved search grid”.
  • VA-REIN deep water access keyword
    Added "Deepwater access" keyword search term to VA-REIN on react templates.
  • FL-MLSSB - Add 55+ Communities Keyword
    Added "55+ Community" keyword search term to FL-MLSSB on react templates.
  • Commercial Search - Legacy URL
    "Commercial Search" no longer appears as a link option (Pages in Site) in the editor.
  • MLS Disclaimer Characters
    Fixed the display of the trademark character in the MLS name for CA-CLAW.
  • FL widget: delete this widget
    When editing featured locations widgets there will now be a delete widget link in the edit bar.
  • Featured locations process to backfill url slugs
    Featured locations will now always have URL slugs generated for them.
  • Update email message to agent for "Delete and Forget"
    Revised email content


Bug fixes

  • Turboleads merge failure
    Turboleads was failing to merge identical lead data from Trulia/Zillow
  • Golf Course View Keyword search not working
    Improved accuracy of the "golf course view" keyword search term for GA-FMLS on react templates.
  • Direct Signup Records
    Updated the direct signup process to better record sales information
  • 500 error on website
    Fixed issue with storing various map search location types as featured locations.
  • Unable to add widgets
    Fixed issues with adding widgets.
  • Search result map opens blank listing pages
    Fixed case where listing details would not load
  • Table not responsive on mobile
    Restored global table styles to support mobile responsiveness
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