Release Notes – 03.12.2015

Release Notes

New Features


Teaser Registration: Number of Views
Agents can now set their own teaser registration number of views. The default is still set to 3 with a strong posted recommendation to leave this setting alone in order to maximize the number of leads generated.



Edit Listing Photos: Multiple File Uploader
The Edit Listing Photos page now has a Multiple File Uploader when you want to manually add custom listing photos. It also supports dragging and dropping files from your desktop.



Bug Fixes

Gallery Widget Forced Aspect Ratio
The forced aspect ratio options were not working. There are now 2 options that both work: “No” (original aspect ratio) and “Landscape”. The “Portrait” and “Square” options have been hidden for the present because they were too difficult to implement via css only.

Saved listings 500 error fixed
In certain cases, users would see 500 errors when viewing the saved listings page. 

Map search details view fixed

A recent template architectural change creating a bug in the details view in the map search tool. 

LeadTracker "View Details" links for agent directory users fixed

Listing "View Details" links in the Visits tab on LeadTracker details screens didn't work — they would prompt authentication. 

Error message formatting for analytics page fixed

Styling for error messages in various places around the admin menu was a bit screwy. This has been fixed on the analytics page, but may still exist elsewhere.

Phone is now properly marked as required on registration page
The phone field was not properly marked as required on user registration pages. 

Fix URLs in some emails - they weren't properly formed
Some of the “welcome” emails had improperly specified URLs in them that didn’t work. 

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