Release Notes – 04.30.2015

New Features

Widgets Highlight in Edit Mode
When in edit mode, when you hover over widgets, they are now highlighted to give a better indication of their size and that they can be edited.

Bug Fixes

LeadTracker search for “No Status”
Searching for clients with no status in LeadTracker was throwing a 500 error.

Fix url in receipt email
The link to the admin menu in the receipt email generated by the control panel now uses a more current domain name.

MailChimp style macros are now usable in customer emails
Our email macros now support the MailChimp style syntax (*|FNAME|*, etc).

MailChimp flyers will now exclude photo/logo when empty
MailChimp flyers were including broken images when no photo/logo was available. They are now excluded instead.

Listing syndication feeds updated for new half bath format
Some half bath data was missing in syndication feeds due to recent data format changes.

Error in new photo uploader suppressed
Periodic lstat errors thrown by filetype in AgentSite were breaking photo uploads in the new custom listing photo uploader

Broken images on testdrive drip emails fixed
The urls for some images on testdrive drip emails were broken.

Sample listing fixed
One of the newly added sample listings wasn’t being created with the correct identifying property, and thus wasn’t being properly removed when real listings were added.

LeadTracker view links for child express accounts fixed
Previously, the view listing/saved search links in the LeadTracker client details screen did not work for child accounts on the express package since they lacked IDX features. Now, they will feature links to the parent site instead.

Edge case in saving search restrictions
When multiple states are present with the save county, in combination with other factors, this was preventing the saving of search restrictions.

LeadTracker search no longer autocompletes deleted users
The search box on the LeadTracker clients screen was autocompleting clients that had been marked as deleted.

Help center link in admin menu updated

MailChimp temporary segment cleanup
The new Send Listing Flyer feature creates a temporary MailChimp segment in order to send. These temporary segments are now being properly cleaned up afterwards.

Inactive listing notification in customer checklist fixed
The URLs being generated for the inactive listings customer checklist items were broken.

Glossary page in buyer/seller articles cleanup
The glossary page in buyer/seller articles was erroneously including items with empty glossary indexes.

Sample listing lat/lng values will once again be randomized near customer location
The presence of custom lat/lng values on some sample listings was countering our efforts to give them randomized locations near the customer’s provided location.

Lotsize display problems
Display of lotsize was broken in certain cases.

Saved Search Page Default Meta Title
The name of the search (i.e. Sacramento Homes with Pools) will now appear at the beginning of the auto generated meta title for saved search pages instead of at the end.

Formatting issue on edit blog post page
We removed the blog navigation tabs from the edit blog post page as they are not needed in this context and only create confusion and navigation overflow.

Malformed links on some photos submitted for syndication
Updated some photo links so that they are properly formatted for Zillow syndication.

Image alt-text now synced with title attribute in CKEditor
Customers were expecting alt text to appear on mouseover over on image (the job of the title attribute which is not available for editing). Changed settings so alt text and title are set to the same thing.

Housetrack emails for rental listings not being sent in some case
Some users who had saved searches for rental listings were not receiving daily Housetrack e-mail updates. The MLS Data object was not being properly reset so rental listings were getting blocked in cases where a different agent had chosen not to display rental listings.

Confusing message on visitor registration pop-up
The message on the new visitor registration screen was changed to be less confusing and more inviting in the cases where the agent does not allow the user to see any search results if they are not registered. The message now reads: “2073 properties match your search. Please create a FREE account or login to view these properties.”


Mailchimp Marketing List
We have switched to use MailChimp for our own internal marketing emails.

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