Release Notes – 07.06.2015

Bug Fixes

Advanced Search (Template Specific)
Fixed a template series where content was overlapping on the advanced search page, causing some of the checkboxes to be un-clickable.

Banner Search Overlay (Template Specific)
Fixed a template where the banner search overlay was overlapping content further down the page at smaller viewport sizes.

New Agents (Office Packages)
There was a problem associating a newly created agent with their listings.

Google Analytics
Fixed Google Analytics integration that was broken by recent PPC cleanup.

Listing Import
When a customer attempted to find their featured listings using an MLS number that was in multiple restricted MLSs, it would fail.

Open Graph Listing Images
The new responsive listing markup was not presenting an open graph image for featured listings without an MLS ID.

Nav Menu Widget (Express)
A typo was allowing Express accounts to add IDX type pages to nav menu widgets.

Multiple Maps
Current map implementation does not allow for multiple maps to exist on a page. On listing results pages, suppress any extra maps.

Responsive Content
The custom content blocks that can be added to saved search pages and featured listings pages were not responsive. For example, images would not resize when the viewport changed.

Contact Agent Close Window
The close window link was not working correctly on the agent contact form when the contact form was opened in a new window on non-responsive versions of the site.

LeadTracker Search
When searching for clients in LeadTracker, search information was getting lost when scrolling through different pages of results.

Navigation Link Auto-Fill
The ‘navigation link’ will now auto-fill with the ‘page title’ by default when you create a new page on the website. Previously if you did not specify a specific Navigation Link name it would be blank and the link would not appear correctly.

Advanced Search Checkbox Labels
In the advanced listing search page some checkboxes would allow you to click on the associated label text to specify search criteria, while others would not.

Edit Listing: Default Map Marker Location
Previously the map marker location was not automatically positioning for new manually entered featured listings.

Eliminate Unnecessary Redirects
Some of the listing search links were redirecting when they didn’t need to. This prevented them from being indexed properly by Google when referenced in the sitemap.xml file.

LeadTracker Leads
When the system was under high load, new leads added to LeadTracker would sometimes get duplicated and sometimes get dropped – resulting in an email sent to the agent that they received a new lead, but then the lead was not there.

Legacy Drip Emails
The legacy drip email system stopped sending when it encountered a badly formatted email address.

Omnibox Search: Localized Examples Menu
Customers can now customize the city, county, zip, etc. examples that appear in the examples menu of the omnibox search field.

Request More Info
There was a syntax error in the code of the Request More Info form that identified the lead as unassigned when it wasn’t – so if a lead was already in the system and assigned to one agent, then filled out the form, they could be inadvertently reassigned to a different agent.

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