This article will explain and walk you through the steps of integrating your Follow Up Boss system with your iHOUSEweb Elite Website.

1. You will first want to make sure you are logged into your Follow Up Boss account. Click here to Log In to Follow Up Boss.

2. Once logged into your Follow Up Boss account, click your account name at the top right. In the drop down menu, select My Settings.

3. Within the My Settings area, choose the Send in Leads Tab.

Under the Send in Leads tab, please notice the email address assigned to your Follow Up Boss Account next to "Forward your lead emails to:". Please highlight and copy this email address.


4. Log into your iHOUSEweb account’s Admin Menu. Once logged in, select Settings on the left. Under Settings, select Email Notifications.

5. Paste the Follow Up Boss email address into the open field under "Send all emails and reports (including contact form inquiries) to this email address". Make sure to click Save Settings at the bottom to confirm your settings.

Note: If there is already an email address in the field you can type a comma at the end of the current email address and then paste your Follow Up Boss Email Address.

Example: tcordero@ihouseweb,

After you have hit Save Settings you’re finished. Follow Up Boss is now integrated into your iHOUSEweb Elite Website.