Every page on the web has a unique web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Some URLs are composed of seemingly random and "ugly" alphanumeric strings, while "pretty" URLs are composed of readable words and phrases.

Example "pretty" URL:

The example above demonstrates a URL which is "pretty" and reflects the content of the page itself.  The page is titled "Sacramento Luxury Homes," and the URL is formatted to match. By default, newly created page URLs will match the page title in this manner, but you are also free to choose a custom URL instead via the content editing interface. This functionality is available for all content in your pages manager, as well as all blog posts and agent bios.

To change a URL, simply edit a page, post, or bio, and click the blue "edit" link to expose the Page URL field.

Enter your custom text and click the "save page settings" button at the bottom of the screen to apply your changes. Note that only alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores are allowed.

For customers that have pages without "pretty" URLs, we have a migration tool that allows you to update your URLs in bulk. Pages that are established in search engines can be updated without ill effects because we automatically implement 301 redirects to direct traffic from the old URL to the new one. To access this migration tool, log into your administrator menu, look for the "Pretty URLs Are Here" message, and click "get started".

Choose your new page URLs. Every piece of content on your site that can be assigned a customized URL will appear in this list.

A suggested "New URL" is pre-populated for every row, but you are free to override any of the suggested URLs with your own. Once you are satisfied with all of your "New URL" selections, click the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen to change all of your URLs in bulk. Note that the migration tool can only be used once; after the initial migration, URLs can only be adjusted one-by-one via the normal URL editing interface.