In addition to the standard Admin Menu provided to non-offices, the Office admin menu is practically identical, but has a couple of extra options for managing your agent profiles, and your office's listings, and your office agent's websites. 

To go to your Admin Menu, scroll to the bottom of your website, click Admin Menu and log in with your credentials.

In this video, we show Elite Office Administrators how to grant lead management access to their agents.

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Navigating on the left over to the Account screen, you'll see that there are three pages linking to your primary office management:


As the owner of an Office Website, you can create an unlimited number of agent profiles and display them on the Agents tab your Account screen. This page shows you a list of all your agents, including a name, photo, contact information, listing agent names, and basic Agent Website information for each agent. The Agents tab only controls agent profiles for your Agents page. 


Agents can be assigned to one or more Groups, which then can be used for display or lead assignment options. Click Add Group to give your group a name, optional description, and choose which agents it should include. Groups can be shown on an Agent page. Edit and delete these at any time. 


You can set up additional websites for the agents that belong to your office. Each additional website you create for an agent becomes a "child" of the offices "parent" website. If you are not the owner of the website you must have the owner approve additional websites before they can be created.

Managing Your Office's Agent Websites

The Office Admin Menu is the default after logging in. After adding in your agents, and creating websites for each of your agents (if you choose to do so), as the parent account, you can manage each website easily by clicking on the associated link on office's admin menu. This will transfer you over to the admin menu for the agent associated with that website. 

As the Office Website owner, you have administrative privileges over the main Office Website AND all of the Agent Websites.