Every iHOUSE Elite Pro website comes stock with a Map Search page that allows users to view listing details and locations in a map overlay. 

Users can toggle between two different viewing options via the "Map" and "Results" tabs:

The "Map" viewing option is loaded by default, and features a full-width map for maximum visibility. The "Results" viewing option can be selected to open a side bar that displays listing details corresponding to the listings within the map viewport.

Regardless of which viewing option is selected, the map search interface will quickly load a complete set of search results every time you pan or zoom the map viewport. You may also draw custom search boundaries with our polygon drawing tool:

 To access the drawing tool, look for the “draw search” button at the bottom left corner of the map:

Up close, individual listing markers display the list price, but at some zoom levels, listings in close proximity are grouped together in a round icon to avoid overlapping markers. The color and number within the round icon indicates the number of listings in the marker group.