Every iHOUSE Elite Pro website comes stock with a Map Search page that allows users to view listing details and locations in a map overlay. 

You can adjust the default position and zoom level the map will load in your Search Defaults settings.

Four options are available to narrow down your map search.


When accessed through the navigation menu, the Map view option is loaded by default, and features a full-width map for maximum visibility. The "Results"  side bar can be opened that displays listing details corresponding to the listings within the map viewport.

Regardless of which viewing option is selected, the map search interface will quickly load a complete set of search results every time you pan or zoom the map.


The draw option lets you select an area by clicking points on the map. You can effectively crop out certain locations from your search by drawing your desired search area. Clicking the first point you made will complete the shape and show you the search results.


The radius option uses a center point to create a circle with a radius that you define. Select your starting point by clicking anywhere on the map or by locating an address and manually set your radius. All listings inside the circle will be available search results.


Nearby uses your location (with your permission) to create a radius with your location as the center point to show you listing close by. 

Up close, individual listing markers display the list price, but at some zoom levels, listings in close proximity are grouped together in a round icon to avoid overlapping markers. The color and number within the round icon indicates the number of listings in the marker group.