The following instructions will guide you through the initial configuration of your TurboLeads account.

Begin by installing the TurboLeads application on your smartphone device. For iPhone users, install TurboLeads via the iTunes App Store. For Android users, install TurboLeads via the Google Play Store.



After installing and launching the application, you will be greeted by a login screen. Login with your iHOUSE Elite administrator credentials. By default, your TurboLeads login credentials are the same as your iHOUSE Elite login credentials, but the two accounts are separate and can have distinct login credentials if you choose to reset one or both of the account passwords. Note that if you change your iHOUSE Elite login credentials at any time, the change will not affect your TurboLeads login credentials.


When you first log into the TurboLeads application, you will see some introductory materials and you will be walked through a "Getting Started" checklist. Follow the prompts to ensure that your account is fully configured.

  1. Complete your profile.
    Click the "Go Now" button and follow the onscreen prompts in order to navigate to your profile. For future reference, your profile can be accessed via the main menu by clicking on your Name / Email. Use the pencil icon to edit your profile if necessary. If the information is correct, proceed with verifying your phone and email address. Clicking the "verify" link next to your phone number will generate a text message sent to your number that includes a verification code. Enter the verification code and click "continue" to verify your ownership of the mobile number. A similar process is used to verify your email address.

  2. Set up lead sources.
    Your iHOUSE Elite website is already configured to route future leads to TurboLeads, but any external lead sources you may have (Zillow, Redfin, etc.) must be configured to send lead notifications to TurboLeads. Fortunately, this is as simple as updating your lead source emails to be delivered to the TurboLeads lead capture address that you see listed. If you do not wish to stop receiving lead capture notifications at your usual email address, simply configure your lead sources to send to both your email address AND the TurboLeads address. Acknowledge that you understand how this works by clicking "got it."

  3. Take a walkthrough.
    Click the "go now" button to create a training lead and complete a brief walkthrough of the lead follow-up process. After the training lead is created, you will be directed to view the lead details, call the lead, add notes or follow-up tasks, update the lead status, and view your performance reports. If you would like to repeat this walkthrough process in the future, you can find a link to "Take a walk-through" by navigating to the Help page via the main menu.


  1. Home
    The home screen provides all of the data you need at a glance. Here you will see your newest leads, todays tasks, and older leads that are not yet on your schedule (and possibly due for a follow-up call).

  2. Pipeline
    The pipeline interface allows you to view your leads sorted by status, and arranged horizontally with new leads on the left, and soon-to-be clients on the right. As you work your leads, they will progress from left to right through the various status buckets.

  3. Schedule
    The schedule interface allows you to view all upcoming tasks, unlike the Home interface which only shows the current day’s tasks.

  4. Contacts
    The contacts interface provides a comprehensive list of all of your leads, regardless of status. This is where you can go to find and engage with a lead that was previously disqualified or otherwise removed from your pipeline.

  5. Reports
    The reports interface allows you to view your lead management statistics. It provides you with an objective evaluation of your performance and allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your approach to lead management.

  6. Settings
    The settings interface allows you to customize TurboLeads notifications to meet your needs. Do you prefer text notifications or APP push notifications? Do you want TurboLeads to notify you of new emails? Or do you prefer to rely on your native email client’s application? Hone these settings to ensure that you receive your Lead notifications exactly when and how you want to.