Q: What is TurboLeads?

A: TurboLeads is a mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones. It is designed to help agents maximize lead conversions and consolidate leads from multiple sources in a single, easy-to-use mobile interface. TurboLeads is currently being tested in a limited BETA release; user feedback is encouraged to help guide our plans for future development and expanded features.

Q: Who is TurboLeads for?

TurboLeads is meant for any real estate agent who wants to manage their leads more effectively. TurboLeads is only available to iHOUSE Elite website customers, and is offered as an optional add-on to your existing website package. 

Q: Does TurboLeads cost anything?

A: No. TurboLeads is included for FREE as part of your iHOUSE Elite website package.

Q: Can I import all my pre-existing leads?

A: No, not at this time. TurboLeads is focused on following up with BRAND NEW leads only. If importing old leads is important to you, please let us know and we’ll consider supporting this option in the future.

Q: What lead sources do you support?

A: TurboLeads automatically imports new leads from your iHOUSE Elite website, and we already support most major lead sources like Zillow and Trulia. We will also support any and all lead sources that send email notifications, however, this is a constantly evolving process that can require manual intervention when we encounter a lead source we have never seen before. We proactively detect new lead sources and add rules to handle them appropriately, but we need your help too. If you’ve set up a new lead source and it’s not working correctly, please let us know and we’ll get it fixed right away.

Q: How do I set up a new lead source?

A: Your iHOUSE Elite website is automatically configured as a lead source when you log in to TurboLeads for the first time, but for all other lead sources, your email lead notifications must be configured to route to your TurboLeads lead capture email address. You can find your lead capture email address on the Settings page within the TurboLeads app.

Q: Why can’t I add my own statuses?

A: The pre-defined "status" options in the TurboLeads interface are designed to work for 90%+ of real estate agents. Restricting status options to system defined values allows us to automatically and intelligently update statuses when certain events happen. If you need greater customization to categorize the status of your leads, please let us know. We are considering a tagging feature which could be used for this purpose. Also note that you CAN customize your own Disqualified status reasons which do show up in reports.

Q: Does the app send drip emails?

A: No. Simply put, drip emails don’t work very well for new lead conversions. Following up quickly and PERSONALLY (not automatically) to a lead’s inquiry is the best way to get their business. TurboLeads is focused on maximizing conversion for NEW leads and it does its best to reinforce correct behaviors. Many agents rely too heavily on drip emails as a crutch and never follow up with their leads personally. Is it any wonder why they never get any business from them? That being said, drip emails CAN be useful for longer term engagement and incubation with an existing client list. That is why drip email campaigns are available to configure via the iHOUSE Elite campaigns interface (delivered via MailChimp).

Q: What is the account phone number and how does it work?

A: When your TurboLeads account is created, we automatically assign you a unique phone number. This number is used to place calls and send text messages via the TurboLeads app. Your leads will see this number instead of your personal phone number when receiving texts or phone calls. Any calls placed to this number will ring through to your personal phone as usual, and any text messages sent to this number will route to your TurboLeads application. For more information, see this article.

Q: Do you support multiple agents per account?

A: Not yet. TurboLeads only supports a single agent per account at this time, but we have plans to support office/brokerage teams in the future. We’d love to know what your needs are in this area.

Q: How tightly is TurboLeads integrated with my Elite website account?

A: TurboLeads is only loosely integrated with your Elite website. In other words, TurboLeads treats your Elite website just like any other lead source. Your TurboLeads account gets created the first time you login (using your iHOUSE Elite email and password) but after the initial login, the two accounts are distinct. If you change your Elite website’s username or password it will not affect TurboLeads and vice versa.

Q: Does TurboLeads sync to Google Calendar or iCal or Outlook?

A: No, not yet.

Q: How do I report bugs I find? Where can I ask for new features?

A: You can send feedback right from the app. Go to the Help page and tap on "Send Feedback". You can also call our Elite Service team for help at 866-645-7700 or email support@ihouseweb.com.