New lead information is passed from your 3rd party lead sources to TurboLeads via standard lead notification emails. Simply point your lead notifications to your TurboLeads lead capture address, and TurboLeads will automatically parse the email content to extract the lead information. If you do not already receive email notifications for new leads, you must enable email notifications from your 3rd party lead sources so that you can point them to your TurboLeads lead capture address. You can find your TurboLeads lead capture address in the TurboLeads interface under “Settings.” If you have already set up your lead source to send notifications to your TurboLeads lead capture address, but still are not seeing notifications within the TurboLeads interface, we want to know about it. Contact our support department to report the lead notification failure so that we can address the problem promptly.

* ZILLOW UPDATE: Zillow asks agents to use their Tech Connect Partner linkage instead of using lead notification emails to send leads to a CRM. While parsing Zillow's lead notification emails may still work, they do not support that method, and the connection between Zillow and your TurboLeads CRM could break at any time if Zillow decides to change their email format. Instructions for the Zillow Tech Connect Partner linkage are below.

Setting Up Zillow

1.) Navigate to your Zillow profile, click "account", then click "Connect to my CRM"

2.) Click "add partner"

3.) In the "select a partner" dropdown menu, choose "iHOUSEweb"

4.) In the "partner ID" field, paste in your TurboLeads lead capture email address (again, this can be found in your TurboLeads interface under "Settings"), and click "save"