The Settings interface allows you to view important account details and customize TurboLeads notifications to meet your needs.

From the Admin Menu, on the left, click TurboLeads.

On the TurboLeads home page, on the left, click Settings.

  • Account - here you will find your unique TurboLeads lead capture email address and TurboLeads account phone number.

  • Auto-response - When you receive a new lead from one of your lead sources, you have the option to automatically send them a short text message. On this screen, you can enable or disable auto-response texts, and you can edit the content of your auto-response text messages. Even when using this feature you should always follow up with your lead personally as soon as possible.

  • Notification Methods - TurboLeads can send you notifications using email, text messages, and push (system) notifications. You can choose one or more of these methods. Push notifications are recommended and enabled by default, but if you prefer text or email alerts instead, you can configure that here.

  • Notifications - TurboLeads sends you notifications about new leads, reminders to follow up with your leads, and notifications for other tasks you may have scheduled. Customize the rules and frequency of your notifications here.
    • Task reminders - These are reminder notifications you receive before a task is due. For now, the setting applies to all tasks - you cannot configure different intervals per task. You can change that time interval here.
    • Overdue reminders - These are reminder notifications you receive after a task is due if it has not yet been marked as completed. You can specify how long afterwards and how many times to be reminded.
    • New lead time limit - If you don’t follow up fast enough with a new lead (or attempt to), TurboLeads will treat the lead as an overdue task and start sending overdue reminders. You can specify how much time before a new lead becomes overdue.
    • Send a daily email report - The daily report shows the same information as your home page but gets sent out as a daily email. You can choose to turn it on or off. This email is a special notification that will be sent even if you have the email notification method turned off.
    • Enable notifications for when you receive an email from a lead - in case you don't check your email inbox regularly, TurboLeads can be configured to notify you of new emails from your leads.

  • Defaults - Setting good defaults can save you time by streamlining repetitive tasks. For example, you can write your own email and text message templates to use when composing a response to a lead.
    • Follow up intervals - After making a call with a lead, the Follow Up page will display, along with a suggested Follow up task that you can schedule. This setting controls what default time interval that is shown on that form.
    • Email templates - Email templates save you time by providing optional canned messages to use when composing emails. After selecting a template for a new email composition, you are free to edit the message before sending. We’ve written some default templates that you may find useful. Feel free to edit them, delete them, or create your own. Create a new template with the "plus" icon, delete a template with the "X" icon, or edit an existing template by clicking on it, changing the content, and saving.
    • Text message templates - Text message templates work just like email templates. You are free to use and edit our existing templates, or create your own from scratch.
    • Disqualified reasons - When you set the status of one of your leads to Disqualified, you are asked for a reason. You can customize the list of available reasons here. The reasons show up on the Win/Loss chart on your Reports page, and can be useful for determining which of your inactive leads are still viable.

  • Other - Capture leads from unknown callers
    Choose how to handle incoming calls to your TurboLeads number from unrecognized callers. If someone calls or texts your account phone and their phone number doesn't match any of your existing TurboLeads contacts, automatically create a new lead by enabling this option. This option is enabled by default, but you are free to turn this setting off.