The profile screen is where you can find and configure your account information which is shared between TurboLeads and your iHOUSE Elite website package. Your profile information consists of the following, all of which can be changed at any time:

  • Name
  • Mobile phone
  • Username/email
  • Time zone
  • Password

To view your profile, click your name in the main menu. To edit your profile, click the pencil icon at the top of the profile screen. 

Your email and phone number must be verified before TurboLeads can operate as intended, so any time you change your email or phone number within your profile, you must verify them via an instant confirmation code.

To verify your phone number, click the verify button next to your phone number on the profile page. A text message will be sent to your phone that includes a 6 digit number. Enter the verification code in the TurboLeads interface when prompted, and click "continue." The process is the same for email verification.