To allow your website visitors to register quickly and easily using their Facebook account, you need a dedicated Facebook App for your website. Follow our instructions to get your own Facebook App configured and linked to your iHOUSEweb site. Text instructions are below the video.

Begin by navigating to the Facebook developers portal:

Click Log In, and sign into Facebook with your usual Facebook credentials. You need a Facebook account to proceed, so if you do not have one already, you need to join Facebook. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume you already have a Facebook account, and have successfully signed in.

Once you have signed in, click Get Started to begin setting up your Facebook for Developers account.

Follow the on-screen prompts to verify your account and contact info.

When you reach the About You screen, select the box that best describes what you do (Owner/Founder is probably the best choice since you are the owner of your website) and finally click Complete Registration.

Now you're ready to create your app, so click Create App

Select Consumer as your App Type, and click Next.

Next, on the Add Details screen, enter a Display Name for your App, and click Create App.

Now, it’s time to add the Facebook Login product to your new App, so click Set Up on the Facebook Login tile.

Next, select Web as the platform for your app.

Now enter your website address and click Save. The remainder of these 5 steps are intended for developers, and can be skipped, however, you’re not done just yet! Continue reading for further instructions...

Now expand the App Review dropdown (on the left side of the screen), and click Permissions And Features. Look for the email and public_profile line items, and click Get Advanced Access for both of them. For each of these, you must agree to the terms, and Confirm. Once these are both enabled, your permissions and features screen should look like this:

Next, navigate to Settings > Basic on the left side of the screen, and enter your website’s Privacy Policy URL in both the Privacy Policy URL field as well as the Data Deletion Instructions URL field.* 

*Your Privacy Policy URL should look like this: https://www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/-/Home/privacy

Now, go to the Facebook Login Settings screen (click Settings under the Facebook Login section on the left side), flip the switch to enable the Login with the JavaScript SDK option, and enter your full website address (including “https://www.“) in the Allowed Domains for the JavaScript SDK field, and click Save Changes.

Finally, toggle your App Mode (using the switch at the top of the screen) from Development to Live.

You are now ready to connect your App! Log into your iHOUSEweb Admin Menu, and navigate to the Visitor Registration screen (under Settings on the left side). Scroll down to the Social Sign-in Apps card, paste in your Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret, and save your changes.* 

*You can retrieve your App Id and App Secret from the Basic Settings screen within your Facebook Developer Console (pictured below).

Congratulations! Now that your Facebook Login APP is successfully linked, you will see a new Continue With Facebook button on your Modal Registration Form!