To allow your website visitors to register quickly and easily using their Facebook account, you need a dedicated Facebook App for your website. Unfortunately, app creation limits imposed by Facebook may prevent the iHOUSEweb support team from creating an app on your behalf. However, if you create the Facebook app yourself, then grant us an Administrator role, we can take care of the rest for you. Simply follow the instructions below.

Begin by navigating to the Facebook developers portal:

Click Log In, and sign into Facebook with your usual Facebook credentials. You need a Facebook account to proceed, so if you do not have one already, you need to join Facebook. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume you already have a Facebook account, and have successfully signed in.

Once you have signed in, click Get Started and click Next to set up your Facebook for Developers account.

Select the box that best describes what you do - Owner/Founder is probably the best choice since you are the owner of your website.

Now you're ready to move on to Create your First App

Create a New App ID by entering in the Display Name and Contact Email. 

CHANGE the Display Name to your website's domain name, e.g. (DO NOT USE THE DEFAULT VALUE). 

CHANGE the Contact Email to

Then click, Create App ID. You might need to pass a CAPTCHA check here.

You will then be taken to your Developer Dashboard.

Click Roles from the Roles drop down menu.

On the Roles screen, click Add Administrators.

Enter the following Facebook ID: frankie.helpsyou 

Then click Submit.

You may be prompted to re-enter your password at this point. Once you have successfully submitted the "add administrators" form, you should see a new administrator listed named "Joe Webb."

You are free to close the window now. We have received your invitation to manage your new Facebook app, and we will take care of the rest as soon as possible.