Custom Content Page

iHOUSE Elite Websites make it simple and easy to add your own custom content pages. In this informative demonstration video, we walk you through the various steps of adding your own custom content page. 

Watch this short video tutorial and within minutes you’ll be a pro at making your own customized pages!

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Custom Saved Search Pages

Saved Searches Pages are a great way to feature searches that your website visitors often look for and Saved Search Pages may even serve as entry points for new visitors coming from Google search results.

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To create a Saved Search Page:

  1. Go to the Pages tab in Edit Mode. 
  2. Click the Add a new saved search page under the Saved Search Pages section. 
  3. Enter a name for the Saved Search Page and configure your search criteria. Select whether or not to show a page link in your main navigation menu and then click the Save this page button.

That's all there is to it! You can now link to this page in your content, or build a widget to feature listings from this Saved Search page

Adding an RSS Feed Page

An RSS Feed is a format for displaying an updating stream of web content. Many news-related sites, blogs and other sites syndicate their content as an RSS feed to whoever wants it. If you have an RSS feed url, you can embed it directly within your Elite site as an RSS feed page.

When you create an RSS feed page, the editor allows you to set title and some intro text that will display on the top of the page, before the feed content. Under that, paste your RSS feed url. If you want to also put this into a homepage widget, enter how many recent posts to display in the widget. Click Save and you’re all done!

In this video, we show you how to add an RSS feed to your iHOUSE Elite Site.

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Creating a Link Out Page

A Link Out is simply a link from your website navigation menu that points to an external web page. For example, this link points to

You can create a link out from either the Pages tab or the Navigation tab in Edit Mode.

  1. First choose a name for your link out. This is the title that will show up in your navigation menu.

  2. Next enter the URL (including the “http://”).

  3. You also have the choice of how the page opens. Select whether the page should open in a new window, your existing page, or open in a frame on your website.

  4. Click Save this page when you are done.

In this video, we show you how to add a link out page to your iHOUSE ELITE website.

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