The TurboLeads account for your office is "shared" between all of the agents associated with your office. As the Office Owner you get the overview for all of your agents leads captured by either the main Office website and the associated agent websites. Agents only see the leads assigned to them.

Go to your Admin Menu, On the left side, click TurboLeads.

Overall, the interface between Office Administrator and Agent will be very similar. Only the office admin will have access to the Reports generated by the leads your office interacts with. There are various settings that you should be aware of as well.

Leads And Lead Assignment

Your website leads will most likely come from one of two places:

  • When a visitor registers.
    • An email notification is also sent. By default this goes to the owner of the site: to you for the Office Website, or to your agent for the Agent Website.

  • When a visitor fills out one of the “Contact Us” type forms related to a listing.
    • By default it will send an email to the owner of the website where they saw the listing. On the Office Website, if you have assigned an agent profile to that listing, then the email will be sent to the appropriate agent.


  • All registered leads are stored in the TurboLeads of the website they registered on. 
  • If they registered at the Office Website, the client will show up in the Office's TurboLeads. 
  • If they registered at one of your Agent Websites, the client will show up in the Agent's TurboLeads.
  • You can change the email notification settings on a website by website basis so that a copies of email notifications are sent to you in addition to your agent, or so that they are sent to you instead of your agent.

In this video, we show you how to enable the Round Robin feature on the iHouse Elite Office with IDX. This allows leads to be automatically distributed to your agents.

(Round Robin Lead Assignment) Please Wait while we Update our video!

For More information on MailChimp Linking, click here.

MailChimp Linkage Options for Offices

If you are linking MailChimp to an office account, you have a couple options. 

  1. Account MailChimp integration. When MailChimp is linked at the account level, campaigns and emails are shared with all office agents. All leads (including leads assigned to agents) are eligible to receive campaign emails from the office MailChimp linkage. Assigned agents can view active campaigns and even start campaigns manually for their leads. However, assigned agents cannot edit the office's campaign emails or campaign settings.
  2. Personal MailChimp integration. When MailChimp is linked at a personal level, campaigns and emails are NOT shared with office agents. Leads are only eligible to receive campaign emails from this type of linkage if they are assigned to an agent who has a personal MailChimp integration. If the office administrator does not have an account MailChimp integration, each agent needs to link their own MailChimp account to enable campaigns.

It is possible to have an account MailChimp Integration as well as personal MailChimp integrations for each agent, but this is not recommended in most cases. To ensure that leads are only synced to a single MailChimp list and campaigns are all sent from the same MailChimp account, we recommend that you choose either an account MailChimp integration or a personal MailChimp integration for each agent.