Your Listing Display settings allow you to change what kind of information is shown on your listings.

To access your Listing Display settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Settings, then click Listing Display.


Retain photo aspect ratio for your listings

When turned on, the original image aspect ratio will be fully shown, with the same image blurred behind it to fill the frame.

Include the sold date inside the sold badge for sold listings

The sold badge will be expanded with the date of sale displayed.

Show Sold Price to List Price comparison for sold listings

A percentage comparison if the sold price was over or under the list price. "Sold for list price" is displayed if the listing was sold as such.

Show price reduced icon

A green downward pointing arrow will be shown next to the price.

Show price reduced text

A percentage calculation of the price reduction will be shown next to the green arrow. This setting is only available if you have the Price Reduced Icon enabled.

Choose how many days old or fewer listings are to be considered new

By default, we set listings to be considered new if they are 7 days old or fewer. Changing this number will dictate how long the "New" badge will be shown in the top left corner of a listing.

Display bathrooms in the following formats:

3 ba

2.5 ba (reverts to whole number when there are multiple partial baths

2 full, 1 half ba

Results / Listing Cards

Feature your own listings at the top of relevant search results

This Featured listing block only appears on the first page of search results.

Show your photo on listing cards (for your listings)

Your agent photo will be shown on your featured listings that appear in search results.

Show status on listings cards

The listing status will be shown above the price.

Listing Details

Show virtual tours on listing details (for listings that have one)

Virtual tours will be displayed with its own frame along with a button under your "Contact Agent" form. We embed Matterport, Youtube, and Vimeo links right into the listing details preview images. All other virtual tour sources are linked out and shown with a generic preview mosaic.





By default, expand the more info section on listing details

Enabling this option will expand the "Show more..." block that offer additional information about the listings construction, school districts, and more in depth features.

Show an Estimated Monthly Payments section on listing details

Optionally Include a "Get Pre-Approved" Link to open in the same window.. Use our default, or provide your own lender link.

Show a market report section on listing details

Note: Some MLSs may not allow this to be shown. If any of your attached MLS(s) don't allow this feature, there will be a note next to the checkbox saying which ones don't allow it.

Show your agent profile on listing details

An agent profile card will be displayed below the "Contact Agent" form on your listing details.

Show your logo on listing details

Your logo will be displayed below the "Contact Agent" form on your listing details. The logo will sit above the agent profile card if it is enabled.

Show similar listings on listing details

More listings with similar qualities will be shown on a carousel at the bottom of your listing details, as well as a nearby area search.

When you're done, click Save Settings.