Your Listing Display settings allow you to change what kind of information is shown on your listings.

To access your Listing Display settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Settings, then click Listing Display.

General Listing Display Settings

Retain photo aspect ratio for your listings

When this setting is turned on, the original image aspect ratio will be fully shown, with the same image blurred behind it to fill the frame.

Include the sold date inside the sold badge for sold listings

When this setting is turned on, the sold badge will also include the sold date.

Show Sold Price to List Price comparison for sold listings

When this setting is turned on, additional text will appear next to the sold price, showing the list price and a relative percentage of how the sold price compares to the list price. For example: "1.7% under list $745k".

Show price reduced icon

When this setting is turned on, listings that have had their price reduced within the last 30 days will be marked with a green downward arrow icon next to the current list price.

Show price reduced text

When this setting is turned on, it will add a text description of the price reduction next to the green down arrow icon. This includes the previous list price and a relative percent for how much the price dropped. This setting is only available if you have the "Show price reduced icon" setting enabled.

Choose how many days old or fewer listings are to be considered new

By default, listings are considered new if they are 7 days old or fewer. These listings are marked with a "New" badge. Changing this setting lets you choose how many days new listings are displayed as new.

Display bathrooms in the following format:

This radio option allows you to choose how to display bathroom information on listing cards and other places where your site shows "basic" listing information. By design this is meant to be brief, for quick reference, with the information kept small so it can fit in a small space. When you visit the listing page itself, it will include more details.

  • 3 ba
    Use a whole number, with each bathroom (regardless of if it is full or partial) counting as 1.
  • 2.5 ba (reverts to whole number when there are multiple partial baths)
    This setting strikes a balance, showing a .5 decimal in the common case where there is a single half bath. But what happens when you have multiple partial baths? For example, what if there are 2 full and 2 half baths on a listing. Adding these up equals 3, which is not right. There are 4 bathrooms. So when there are multiple partials present, this setting falls back and uses whole numbers.
  • 2 full, 1 half ba
    This setting spells out how many full and partial baths there are, with separate counts for each, but at the expense of being verbose.

Results / Listing Cards

Feature your own listings at the top of relevant search results

When you enable this setting, if any of your listings match the current search filters, a copy of those listings will be displayed prominently in a special "featured listing carousel" at the top of the search results. This featured listings carousel only appears on the first page of search results. This featured listings carousel does not modify the results at all. It is in addition to the normal results set, so the listings that it features will still appear again in their normal positions in the search results. 

Show your photo on listing cards (for your listings)

When this setting it turned on, your agent photo will be shown on your listings wherever they appear in search results. For this to work correctly, you (or your office) must have:

  1. Set up your agent profile, including your photo
  2. Used the "Find My Listings/ Find Office Listings" tool to properly identify which listings in the IDX feed belong to you.

Show status on listings cards

When this setting is turned on, the listing status will be shown above the price. This is useful for displaying the exact status field value as it appears in your IDX feed. 

Listing Details

Show virtual tours on listing details (for listings that have one)

When this setting is on, a listing that has one or more virtual tours will display them on its listing details page. The virtual tour links are displayed in different places and in different formats.

  • As a photo mosaic tile
    A space for the virtual tour will be added in the second slot, just to the right of the main photo. Depending on the URL of the virtual tour, this will either be a link, or an embedded iframe.
  • As a button
    A button link to the virtual tour will appear in the right-hand column, under the contact form.

Embedded Iframe Support

Virtual tour links for Matterport, Youtube, and Vimeo (some URL formats) are automatically embedded as iframes. All other virtual tour URLs are linked out and shown with a generic Virtual Tour mosaic tile.

Generic Virtual Tour Mosaic Tile

Matterport Virtual Tour

YouTube Video

Vimeo Video

By default, expand the more info section on listing details

By default, listing pages initially hide some of the more detailed listing information, things like construction, school districts, etc. which can be revealed by clicking on a "Show more..." button. Enabling this option will instead start with this section expanded.

Show an Estimated Monthly Payments section on listing details

When this setting is on, it includes an "Estimated Monthly Payment" section on your listing details pages. This is a mortgage payment calculator. Wherever possible your website will automatically use information from the listing as the starting point - like the list price and HOA fees. Starting values for other monthly expenses like home insurance and property tax are estimated. Initial interest rates are aggregated daily from BankRate and a few other financial institutions to get a reasonable estimate of generally available interest rates. The many disclaimers make it abundantly clear that these are only estimates, that accuracy is not guaranteed, etc. 

These is an additional option to include a "Get Pre-Approved" button link. You can choose whether or not to include this button, and if included, customize the URL for the link.

Show a market report section on listing details

If this setting is enabled, a Market Report summary will be shown on the listing details page, under the other listing details. It will have a tab for each neighborhood, zip, and city that matches the listing. Your website visitors can then click to view full market report pages for any or all of these locations.

Note: Some MLSs may not allow market reports to be shown. If any of your attached MLS(s) don't allow this feature, there will be a note next to the checkbox saying which ones don't allow it.

Show your agent profile on listing details

When this setting is enabled, your agent profile will appear in a card below the "Contact Agent" form on your listing details. Note that for this feature to work correctly, you (or your office) must have created an agent profile with a photo. 

For Agent website packages, your photo will appear on every listing page regardless of who the listing agent is.

Office website packages have more flexibility, including the ability to have their agents' profiles displayed on their own listing pages.

Show your logo on listing details

When this setting is enabled, your logo will be displayed below the "Contact Agent" form on your listing details. The logo will sit above the agent profile card if it is enabled.

Show similar listings on listing details

When this setting is enabled, two additional sections will be added to the bottom of your listing details page:

  1. a carousel showing similar listings
  2. a list of links to nearby location searches

Show printable flyer button on listing details

This setting gives you the option of having the "Printable Version" button (located below your "Contact Agent" form) visible or hidden on your listing display. If the setting is enabled, the button will appear; 

If disabled, the button will be hidden.

Show map button on listing details

When this setting is enabled, the "View On Map" button (located at the top of your listing display next to the "Share" button) will be visible; 

If disabled, the button will be hidden.

Don't open listing details in modal windows

By default, this option is disabled (unchecked) and listing details will open in a modal window. It is recommended to keep this option disabled (unchecked) as it provides a better user experience all around. Visitors are able to close the modal window and quickly view another listing without needing to navigate back to a previous page. 

Enable this option to have listing details open in the same window instead of a modal window. 

When you're done, click Save Settings.