Listing Display

Your Listing Display settings allow you to change what kind of information is shown on your listings.

To access your Listing Display settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Settings, then click Listing Display.

  • Provide an "Apply for Pre-Approval/Loan" link on your listing details pages and use a default link or choose a custom link.
  • Retain photo aspect ratio for your listings.
  • Show Sold Price to List Price comparison.
  • Show a 'Price Reduced' Icon. If this is shown, you may also show the "Price Reduced" text.

       -OFFICE ONLY-

  • Show listings on agent profile page.
  • Show agent photo on results card.

When you're done, click Save Settings.


If you're using an older (legacy) template, your listing display interface will look a bit different. The legacy interface is covered below.

  • Set a default Search sort.
  • Display your own listings first in MLS search results
  • Decide how new your listings are by how old they've been listed, and Show/Hide an Icon for new listings.
  • Provide an "Apply for Pre-Approval/Loan" link on the listing details. Set a custom link, or we provide a default.
  • Use a CAPTCHA on listing contact forms.
  • Choose to always sort active listings first on Featured Listings widgets and pages.
  • Show/Hide a "SOLD" graphic on closed listings.
  • Show/Hide the sold price for closed listings.
  • Use pan & zoom effects for the homepage slideshow.
  • Choose how to display baths (partial or decimal).
  • Choose how to display lot size.
  • Show/Hide Social Share icons (Facebook, Twitter, etc).