To allow your website visitors to register quickly and easily using their Google account, you'll need to sign into your Google Developer Account to authorize and authenticate your website to speak to Google to use their Sign-On Button on your Registration form.

Begin by navigating to the Google API Console.

Log in to your Google Account (if this is your first time here, A popup asking to accept the Terms and Conditions will appear) Once you have signed in, click Create on your Developer Dashboard.

A New Project will open. Set any name you want, and click Create.

Your project's name will now appear at the top left of the screen. With this selected we can now let your visitors authenticate their sign in on to your website.

Click OAuth consent screen.

This consent screen will allow your visitors to choose whether they want to grant access to their private data, as well as give them a link to your terms of service and privacy policy.

  1. Application Name - The name should accurately reflect your website and be consistent with the application name users see elsewhere. This should be your own name, brand, or domain.
  2. Authorized Domains - Enter your domain name here. For example:
  3. Click Save.

Next, click Credentials on the left side, then Create credentials, and finally click OAuth client ID.

Here we will generate yourGoogleClient ID and Client Secret which are the tokens your website will need.

  1. Application Type- Select Web application.
  2. Name- This is the name for your Client ID. Choose any name you want.
  3. Authorized JavaScript origins- Enter your full website address. For Example:
  4. Click Create.

Your Client ID and Client Secret have been generated and you can now copy them over to your website. You can access these again as needed by going to the Credentials page and clicking on the client ID from the list.

Log in to your iHOUSEweb Administrator Menu, click Settings, and then Visitor Registration.

Scroll down to the Registration Form section and insert your Client ID and Client Secret into correct fields.

Make sure you have the Include Google sign-on for simple registration box enabled.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save Settings to finalize your changes.

Your website's registration form is now enabled with the Google single sign-on button.