What is PPC and how does it work?

Pay-per-click is a type of advertising. When someone searches for certain related keywords in a search engine, your ad campaign will show your link alongside the normal search results. You pay for each time one of your links is clicked. 


Specifically we have created an integration with the Google Ads platform. If you're not a web designer or an SEO marketer, getting started with Ads can be daunting. Our desire is to make this as easy and low-risk as possible for you by:

  • Guiding you through creating a Google Ads account
  • Keeping it simple - just choose a budget and a few locations to target with your ads.
  • Once your Google Ads account has been created and linked, we take care of the rest (automatically creating ads, keywords, campaign settings, etc).
  • At any time you can check back in our Ads reporting interface to monitor your ad performance, cost per click, and ultimately cost per lead. 


Why use PPC?

PPC allows you to drive more traffic to your website (and thus capture more leads) than you would by relying upon organic search traffic alone.


Note that before spending money to drive additional traffic to your website, you should first make sure that your website is optimized to convert that traffic into leads. Our out-of-the-box website settings do some of this (at the very least you should have the auto-optimize or teaser registration enabled) but for best results a degree of personalization is involved. Our SEO Webinar is a great place to start learning about this.


How much does it cost?

You can set your budget to as much or as little as you want. Cost per click will vary widely between different markets and geographical areas. Some larger metropolitan areas are fiercely competitive and will have much higher dollars per click. Conversely, some areas may not even drive enough search volume for you to use all of your budget in a month (you can combat this by adding more locations, or adding additional keywords). 


You'll be able to discover relatively quickly (within about a month) what your average costs per lead are in the locations you're targeting.


Does iHOUSEweb charge extra fees for PPC?

No, iHOUSEweb provides this integration at no additional cost. Unlike other website providers, we don't take any extra profit or charge any administrative fees for this. You pay Google directly for the Ads.

What accounts are eligible for PPC?

Elite Pro accounts only (Express accounts are not eligible). 


How do I get started?

You will need to set up your own Google Ads account - but before you start you should definitely review our instructions so you can skip unnecessary steps and save yourself time and confusion. Instructions can be found: