Published pages are live on your website and publicly accessible. Our system allows you to create pages in an unpublished state and preview them before you make them live on your website. In other words, you can work on your pages and see what they look like, and then only make them viewable to the public when you are ready.

Navigation links are how you and your website viewers can get around on your site. When you publish a page you can create links to it in the main navigation menu. You cannot create links for unpublished pages because these are not accessible for public viewing.

It is possible to have a published page with no links at all. The page is accessible but effectively “secret” since the only way to find it is if you know the URL.

You can edit the publishing and link settings of any page from the Pages tab in Edit Mode. You can also edit publish and link settings for an existing page by navigating to it while in Edit Mode and by clicking the Edit this page link at the top of the page. The checkmark icon checkmark icon indicates that a page is published, an empty circle icon empty circle icon shows if it is not published.