You Website Template is the predesignated set of web pages that give you a basis for your website design. After selecting a template, you fill in the details and changes that make your website a unique user experience for your visitors. 

To change your Website Template, go to the Admin Menu, on the left, click Edit ModeYou can choose a new website design by going to the Template tab in Edit Mode.


  • To narrow your results, you can filter templates by category, color, or company. Click View All to remove all filter options. 
  • Your current template is shown beneath the Edit Mode bar at the top. 
  • To preview a template, click the template thumbnail.
  • To change to a different template, click Select This Design while in preview mode, or Choose under the thumbnail. Your website will change to the selected template.
  • Feel free to change your template as much as you want. You will not lose any information by changing your template and you can always switch back!

Note: Templates with navigation along the top of the page are designed to contain only 6 navigation groups or less. If you have more navigation groups than that, your pages may not look optimal. Consider selecting a template with the navigation on the side or reducing the number or navigation groups. Always review your website after changing your template to ensure that everything is displaying as you want it.

Watch this short informative video that demonstrates how to go about changing templates to your ELITE Real Estate Website.

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