There are several ways to add blog posts to the home page of your website. The Blog feature allows adding blog posts to the home page using the Blog Widget in addition to adding links in your navigation directly to specific blog posts.

Adding Blog Posts to your home page

Your blog posts can be added directly to your homepage in the form of a widget. To do this, go to your homepage in edit mode.

Click Add new content. In the list of available widgets is one called “My Blog”. This widget is only available in the widest column of your homepage, so if you can't see it, click on the Add new content button in the Full Column section of your Homepage Content. Once you click Add this content, you're good to go!

Adding Posts to the Navbar and Footbar

By default blog posts will not show up on the Pages menu of your Edit bar. To add a blog post:

    • Go to the “Blog Post Page” section at the bottom of the Pages menu.

    • Click “Add a Blog Post Page”.

    • Choose a name for the page. (Usually the Post Title will be too long to put here).

    • Choose one of your published blog posts from the list below.


    • Check whether you want this page added to the main navigation.

    • Click Save this page to confirm.

Doing this will allow you to add Blog Posts to your website Navigation Menu. This blog post will now also be viewable like any other website page.