Many REALTORS® would like to blog but don’t know where to start. Here are some tips for new bloggers.

  • Focus on what is interesting and useful to the types of people you want as your clients. Many bloggers realize too late they are writing a blog that is interesting to other REALTORS, but not necessarily to potential clients.
  • Write for the layman. Basic real estate concepts explained well can be very interesting to an inexperienced buyer or seller.
  • Write about your local market. Real estate tends to be very local. If you can write good content about your area this can both convince visitors to buy or sell now and also get you targeted search engine traffic.
  • Use your writing as a way of introducing yourself. Writing that has a friendly tone can go a long way to convincing visitors to use you as their REALTOR®. Some visitors will peek at your blog right before choosing to contact you.
  • Write what you know. If you have a specialty, your blog is a great place to show off your expertise.
  • Write early and write often. Like every real estate marketing tool your blog will be more helpful the more you use it. Writing regularly is also important. Set aside at least 30 minutes writing a week and you will get much better results.

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