You can edit any of your listings from the Listings tab in Edit Mode, or you can edit an individual listing by navigating to its detail page and then clicking Edit this Listing in the edit bar. Listing editing is broken into 3 parts:

Listing Details

The Listing Details tab allows you to edit all of the normal listings details such as Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc.

Note: If Auto-Update is on for this listing, you will NOT be able to edit many of the normal listing details.

On the top of this page is a checkbox to hide the listing (a hidden listing means it will not be visible to your website visitors) and to turn auto-update on or off. Turning auto-update on will synchronize your listing details with the ones in your MLS. Most manual editing options will be disabled.

You can change the listing status and display status. An active listing status means that the listing is still for sale (or for display). An Inactive status means that the listing will be hidden from website viewers. When you set a listing to a status of Closed, additional fields for editing closed listing details will display, such as sold date, sold price, and any additional closing notes you may have. Display status is an optional line that will be displayed at the top of your listing, eg. “For Sale”, “For Rent”, or “Sold”.

For more information on listing details, read our article on Adding a Listing Manually.


The second tab is for listing Photos.

Choosing a Photo Source

Auto-updated listings will by default use the photos that are in the MLS feed, but you also have the choice to upload your own custom photos to use instead. Your website can handle much higher quality photos than many MLS feeds provide. Adding higher quality images is one popular reason for using the custom photos setting and uploading new images.

To use your own custom photos, click on the radio that says "Use custom uploaded photos".

Manual listings do not have a photo source choice. You always have to provide your own photos for these.

Adding Default Photos

For auto-updated listings left using default photos, the easiest thing to do is to add or edit your photos directly with your MLS and the changes will be pulled in automatically shortly afterwards after by your website.

Adding Custom Photos

You can add as many custom listing photos as you want.

Click the Upload Photos button, the select the photos you want to upload from your computer OR you can just click and drag your photos from your desktop to the custom photos area. You can upload multiple photos at once.

Reordering Custom Photos

Once they've been added, you can reorder your photos by simply clicking and dragging them to the new desired order.

Deleting Custom Photos

To delete a photo, hover your mouse over it and click on the trash can icon that appears in the lower right hand corner of that photo.

Open Houses

The third listing edit tab is Open Houses. Here you can add an Open House event for the listing. The open house event will display on the listing detail page, the Open Houses page, and the Open Houses homepage widget (if the widget is activated and configured correctly).

To add an Open House event, select the date, start, and end times from the dropdown menus and click the “Add this open house” button.

To view your listing, click the View This Listing link at the top of the page. Or, click the Manage Your Listings link to return to the Listings tab.