You can manage your domains from the Domains & Email section in your Admin Menu.

Note: Changing the domain name servers will transfer all domain related services to our hosting. This means that mail accounts at the domain will go down when you make this switch. This happens with any type of DNS change.

These changes can take between 24-48 hours to take effect, during which time domain related services may not be active.

Please contact your domain registrar and change the following name server information:

Primary Server: NS.CISDATA.NET

Secondary Server: NS2.CISDATA.NET

The following are optional name servers. If your registrar allows for more than two name servers then we recommend adding the following name servers in addition to the above.

Third Server: NS.CISDATA.COM

Fourth Server: NS2.CISDATA.COM

If you would like us to make the changes, you can provide us with your access credentials and we would be happy to do this on your behalf.

For instructions on how to change the nameservers for your domain registrar please select it from the list below.