Your Search Restrictions settings allow you to limit the areas that are searchable on your MLS search pages. By default, your website searches will use all the possible data from your MLS. If you want, you can choose to restrict the data to only find listings from certain locations, and to exclude certain types of listings.

To access your Search Restriction settings, log into your the iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Settings, then click Search Restrictions.

Include Search Restriction

Start by selecting the county or counties that cover your area, and further restrict your search page to individual cities or areas you want to focus in on.

For example, this is an include restriction that will ensure listings only appear if they are inside of the regions you specify.


Values selected from the list will be filtered out of your search results You can choose to not have your clients see listings with certain Listing Status values. Select any that you do NOT want them to see. If this box is empty, listings with all status values will be available to your clients.

  • Listing Status
    • Active
    • Contingent
    • Pending Sale

Exclude Listings

Choose the types of listings (if any) that you would like to exclude visitors from seeing in their IDX searches. It's best to set these to display what types of properties you'd like to focus on. 

  • Homes For Sale
  • Homes For Rent
  • Homes Sold
  • Commercial For Sale
  • Commercial For Lease
  • Commercial Sold
  • Business Opportunities

   Property Types to Exclude

  • House
  • Condo
  • Multi
  • Mobile
  • Land
  • Apartment
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Land
  • Commercial Lease
  • Business
  • Other

    You may also choose to exclude pending listings.

When you're done, click Save Settings.

Why Restrict Searches?

There are two main reasons for restricting your search area:

  1. MLS data often covers a wide range of territory and you may not want to travel to show homes that are sometimes hundreds of miles from your location. By restricting your search area, you are limiting your website visitors to the area in which you specialize and can offer the best service.

  2. To improve your website performance. Loading all the data in your MLS takes time. The more data there is to load, the longer it takes. This issue is more pronounced with large a MLS and on the Map Search page. Restricting your data will speed up your searches and page load times.


If you're using an older (legacy) template, your search restrictions interface will look a bit different. The legacy interface is covered below.

Property Type

Values selected from the list will be filtered out of search results, and also will not show up in your search pages as options for property type. 

  • Business Opportunity
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Lots & Land
  • Condo
  • Mobile/Manufactured
  • Multi Family Home
  • Residential Lots & Land
  • Single Family Home

Note: You can also select which property types you would like to be checked by default in your website search forms the Default Property Types section of Search Defaults.

Listing Type

You can hide listings of rental or commercial types. By hiding them, the types will not show up in the Property Type list, and listings of these types will not appear in any search results.

Rental/Lease Prices

In the lists for Min and Max prices, you can choose to show the lower prices ranges that are applicable to rental/lease searches.

Contingent Listings

Listings marked as "contingent" are treated as active by our Listing System. You can decide at this point whether or not to show Contingent Listings in your Featured Listings, or in listing searches.

Special Conditions

On the Advanced Search page, you can choose whether to offer searching by Special Conditions. 

Note: Special Conditions often includes Foreclosure choices.

Listings Without Photos

You can choose to hide listings that don't have any photos.