Your Meta Tags settings allow you to edit your title, description and keywords meta tags that are used by search engines to help rank your web pages. Every single page on your website has its own meta title, and meta description. 

To edit your Meta Tag settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Settings, then click Meta Tags.


The meta title you can edit here is the meta tag for your home page, and is your most important one. This title will be appended to the page name for each of your pages, unless you override it by providing a page specific meta title in its advanced page settings. If you need some ideas, perform some google searches you would like to rank for, and see what others are doing.

Note: Meta titles should be around 50-60 characters, or you risk having your title truncated by search engines.


The text contained here will be used by search engines to match up additional key phrases for search results matching. If you leave your meta description blank, Google and other search providers will automatically choose their own description to display in their search results. This is usually an except of text from your web page, which isn't always ideal. We recommend writing something unique here. This is what people are going to see when scanning search results, so try and write something compelling.

Note: Meta descriptions should be around 300 characters.


Meta keywords used to help webmasters choose the keywords they wanted to rank for, but that system was abused to the point that search engines had to look for new ranking signals. Nowadays, meta keywords are completely ignored by google search algorithms, so we recommend leaving this field blank.

When you're done, click Save Settings.