Google Analytics is a powerful traffic reporting tool that allows you to better understand when, where, and how your visitors find and interact with your website. Google Analytics is free and very easy to install on the iHOUSEweb platform - simply paste your Google Analytics Measurement ID into the "Google Analytics" section in your administrator menu (under website settings).

To access your Google Analytics settings, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, click Settings, then click Google Analytics.

For detailed installation instructions, please see the comprehensive instructional video below.

Once Google Analytics is installed, a wealth of information will become available for future website traffic. You can see where your traffic came from, how long your visitors stayed on your site, what pages were viewed, and more.

Best of all, iHOUSE Elite websites come with preinstalled Event tracking codes which allow Google Analytics to record lead captures. We also track user actions like logging in or out, saving a search, and saving a listing.

What this all means is that Google Analytics can report very detailed information regarding the behavior of your website visitors. By reviewing this information, you may be able to identify opportunities to improve your website. For help navigating and interpreting Google Analytics reports, check out the Google Analytics youtube channel, or visit the Google Analytics Academy.