The Client Activity Report page in the LeadTracker™ section of your Admin Menu gives you tons of data about what your registered website visitors are looking for on your IDX search pages.

To view a report, first select the type of activity you are interested in viewing from the “Activity” dropdown. Then select the time period you wish to view from the “Time Period” dropdown menu. You can choose from “Today”, “Last 7 days”, “Last 30 days”, “Last 60 days”, “Last 90 days” or “All”. Then just click the View Report button.

Here is a quick breakdown of all the reports you can view:
Tip: In all cases the visitor name is displayed in the reports. Click on a visitor’s name to view their detailed contact and search information.

  • Registered: This gives you a complete list of all visitors who have registered on your website in the time period specified.
  • Logged In: This reports the visitors who logged into the website and the login date.
  • Logged Out: This report the visitors who selected “log out” from the website.
  • Submitted a form: Displays visitors who submitted a form. The form name and submission date is displayed.
  • Searched: This report tells you who has performed searches on your IDX pages in the specified time and what those searches were.
  • Saved a Search: This tells you who has saved searches in the specified time period and what those searches were.
  • Returned to View a Saved Search:Find out who has come back to your site to view one of their previously saved searches. Usually this means they came to your site from clicking on a link in one of their HouseTrack email reports. It also tells you which search they returned to see.
  • Viewed a Listing: See who has been looking at what properties, how many times, and when. Then click to see them for yourself.
  • Saved a Listing:This report provides a list of all the listings that your registered visitors have saved. See who has saved which listings and when, then click to see the listings for yourself.