Manage Tags in the LeadTracker™ section of your Admin Menu provides a complete list of all the Tags that are applied to your website leads.

What are Tags?

Tags are just a simple way of categorizing your leads (“clients” as we optimistically call them). We start you out with a few default tags such as “New Lead”, “Buyer”, and “Seller”. From there you can create your own set of custom tags and assign them to your clients. After your clients have been categorized, you can go back and search by those tag names to find all the clients that belong to that category.

There is one tag that we create for you: “New Lead”. Every time a new client fills out a form on your website or registers, they are captured in your LeadTracker and given the tag “New Lead”. This makes it easy to find and deal with just the new leads. Once those new leads have been contacted, you should remove the “New Lead” tag and possibly give those clients a different tag that describes the services they require.

Adding Tags

To add a new tag, simply enter the word or phrase you want and press the “Add New Tag” button. You can add new tags in 2 different places.

From the Manage Tags page. These tags are stored for later use but aren’t attached to any particular client.
From the Client Details page. As you start typing a new tag name, the text input will show you suggestions of possible tags you that you already have stored. You can choose one of these existing tags, or type a new one. The tag is now attached to the client and shows up in the “Tags” section for that client. When you create a new tag name here, it is automatically saved and will then show up as a suggestion for future clients that you are tagging.

Renaming Tags

You can only rename tags from the Manage Tags page. When you rename a tag here, it also changes for any clients that currently have it. To rename a tag, click the “Rename” link. Change the tag to the new word or phrase and then click Save.

Removing Tags

To remove a tag, click on the Delete button that appears to the right of the tag you wish to remove. You can remove tags in 2 different places:

From the Manage Tags page. This will remove the tag from storage AND from any clients that have it assigned.
From the Client Details page. This will remove the tag only from this individual client.

Searching by Tags

From the Client Database page select “Tag” from the “Search by:” select box. Select the name of the tag you want from the list of existing tags and then press the Search button. The search results will show only those clients that have the tag you selected.