Design Themes allow you to change the overall look of your IDX search page. There are several themes to choose from. Each theme offers a different look and arrangement in addition to allowing the changing of color elements.

Customizing your theme colors offers a limitless choice of colors to match your integrated website perfectly. We have provided pre-designed colors palettes which will work well for most sites, or for perfect color matching and a completely seamless look you can choose each color individually with our Customize Colors option.

Changing Your Design Theme

You can change the Design Theme of your website by going to the “Design Theme” section in Edit Mode.

From the “Design Theme” page click on a design theme. Your current theme will be highlighted with a black border around the design theme image.
Note: Design theme colors can be changed for each design theme.
After selecting a design theme you will be able to change the colors to meet your needs. (see “Customizing Your Theme Colors ” below)
Click the “Save Design Theme ” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
View your new design theme by clicking on the “View IDX Search” button in left navigation.

Customizing Your Theme Colors

Except for Legacy themes, you can customize the colors of your design or choose from several pre-designed color themes.
This is done from your IDX Search Page, not from the Admin Menu.

  • To go to your IDX Search Page, click “View IDX Search” button in left navigation or click “Customize your theme colors” from the Design Themes page.
  • At the top of the page you will find the Edit bar. Click the Edit button to view your edit options.

  • To change the colors for your site select the “Colors” button from the available options.
    Select a pre-designed color palette or select “Customize Colors” to use the color picker tool.
    Note: Your site will update instantly, giving you a live preview as you make color updates. Feel free to make updates until you are satisfied with the colors.

  • Using the “Customize Color” option. Using the Customize Colors feature allows you to create your own color palette by editing individual colors. Select “Customize Color” from the color choices.
    Now click on the color swatch you want to edit. Example “Page Color”. Click and drag the color picker controls until the color you want is selected, or if you know the hex code for the color you want, you can type it in the input.
    Make sure you click the Save button to save your changes when you are happy with your choices.