What Is A Saved Searchback to top?

If you’ve got a search that is frequently conducted on your IDXPro search page, wouldn’t you like to make it that much easier for your website visitors to search it? A custom search allows you to create a link to place on your website that visitors can simply click and it will search a set of pre-defined criteria (e.g. Single Family Homes, in Daytona Beach, Under $250,000) and display the search results. You can create as many of these searches as you like, and place the links on the main page (Quick Search) of your site.
Saved Searches are displayed on your IDX site as Popular Searches.

Creating A Saved Searchback to top

Creating a new saved search is as easy as searching the MLS.

Go to one of your MLS search pages and do a search using the criteria you want to include. (e.g. select a specific city, property type, price range etc.)

  • Click the Search button.
  • You will see search results page.
  • Click the “Save Search” button at the top of the results page.
  • Name the saved search something readable as this will be displayed on your site- Un-check the HouseTrack option.
  • Click the “Save Search ” button.

Now that you have saved the search, the search will show in the Saved Searches section of your Admin Menu. You can then add the saved search to your website. (See Showing/Hiding Saved Searches below)

Showing & Hiding Saved Searchesback to top

On your IDX website saved searches will be displayed as “Popular Searches” as this easier for visitor to understand.

Displaying a saved search on your site includes two steps.

  1. Creating a saved search. (From your IDX search page)
  2. Selecting the saved search to show on your website in the “Popular Search” section of your website. (From the Admin Menu)

You can set your Saved Searches preferences by going to Admin Menu » Saved Searches.

Showing & Hiding the Popular Searches Section
You can hide or show the Popular Searches section on you IDX site as follows.

  • From the Admin Menu » Saved Searches page, check “Show Popular Searches” to show them on your website.
  • To hide Popular Searches, un-check “Show Popular Searches”.
  • Click “Save” to complete your updates.

Selecting Which Saved Searches To Display

You can choose which of the saved searches to display or hide in the Popular Search section of your site.

  • From the Admin Menu » Saved Searches page, click the link “add to main page”. This will add the saved search.
  • To hide a saved search, click the link “remove from main page”. This will hide the saved search.
  • Click “Save” to complete your updates.

Hide Navigation Buttons in Custom Links
Every saved search creates a “Custom Link” that can be used on website’s sites, blogs, emails and more.
These links can be viewed separately from your IDX website. In some cases, removing the navigation links from the top of the page is preferred.

  • You can remove the navigation links by checking the “Hide Navigation Buttons in Custom Links”
  • To show the navigation links, un-check “Hide Navigation Buttons in Custom Links”
  • Click “Save” to complete your updates.