Requiring registration on your listing and IDX search pages is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. As you may know, over 90% of homebuyers today start their search online on websites like yours.

We provide several registration options:
You can edit your registration preferences by going to Admin Menu » Settings » Visitor Registration.

  • Teaser Registration: This setting allows your website visitors to view 2 listing detail pages before they are asked to register.
  • Always Require Registration: With this setting, your website visitors will be prompted to register before they can view any MLS search results or featured listings pages.
  • Never Require Registration: With this setting, your website visitors can browse your listings freely without being prompted to register. If they want to save their searches or save listings, or sign up for HouseTrack, they will have to register. (Packages with IDX only)

We’ve found that Teaser registration can generate up to 14x more leads than other registration options! By allowing searchers to view a few listings before they register, it demonstrates that your site is easy to use, trustworthy and loaded with useful information. This makes them more willing to register and even cuts down on the number of bogus ‘Mickey Mouse’ leads.