The IDXPro Plugin for WordPress makes it even easier to add IDXPro to your WordPress powered website.

What is it?

WordPress ( is a popular open source blogging platform and CMS (Content Management System). Content Management System means you can use it to build and edit webpages without any special software – you do it right through your web browser. Open source means it’s free to use, it’s widely supported, and it’s continually being improved. There are thousands of graphic design Themes that you can download and use for it. And in terms of functionality, just about anything you want to add to your website you can find in a Plugin.

WordPress Platform vs. WordPress Blog
An important distinction needs to be made about the WordPress Platform [] vs. WordPress Free Blogs []. The WordPress Free Blog uses a stripped down version of the WordPress Platform that does not support plugins. But don’t worry. IDXPro will still work on it. Just follow the regular instructions for integrating IDXPro into your wordpress website.

The IDXPro Plugin just makes it even easier to add IDXPro to your WordPress powered website.

Downloading and Installing the Plugin

You can find our IDXPro Plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory where it is available for download. However, the easiest way to download and install plugins is from within the WordPress Admin Menu.

Login to your WordPress powered website as an Administrator. Go to the Plugins section and click Add New.

In the search box, type “IDX”, or better yet “IDXPro”.

You will see a list of plugins that match what you searched for. In this case “IDX”. Click the “Install Now” link for IDXPro.

Next click “Activate” for IDXPro. There is now a new “IDXPro Configuration” page available in the Plugins section:

You’ll need an IDXPro account to use the plugin. You can create a FREE Test Drive Account or a Paid Account. Enter your account number in the required field and hit Save.

That’s it! IDXPro is now installed on your WordPress site. Note that only Paid, MLS approved accounts have access to real MLS data.

Adding IDXPro to WordPress Posts and Pages

Now go edit the page or post that you want. The WordPress content editor has a new IDX button.

Clicking the IDX button brings up a menu. Choose what to embed: your full IDXPro Application (Showing your default Search Page) or your IDXPro Quick Search Widget.

A WordPress “shortcode” will be inserted into your content.

When you view your page, your IDX Search Page or Widget will show in place of the shortcode.

[idxpro] embeds your IDXPro Application
[idxpro widget='quick search'] embeds your Quick Search Widget

IDXPro Quick Search Widget

The IDXPro Quick Search Widget is also available as a “WordPress Widget”. That is, you can add it to your WordPress “Sidebar” – which often shows on every page or post of your website.

Go to the Widgets section of your WordPress Admin Menu

There is a new “IDXPro Quick Search Widget” available in the list of widgets.

To add it to your sidebar, click and drag it over to the appropriate sidebar or widget area.

Note that the WordPress Theme you are using will need to support “Sidebar” or “Widget Areas” in order for the IDXPro Widget to be available. For more help on this, see the official WordPress Documentation.