You can create text links to buttons on your website or any website easily by using the following commands.

Linking to Buttons on Your Website

Anytime you enter a button name in brackets within a text field, the text will automatically transform into a link to that page.

Example: [Search For Homes]

Where Search For Homes is the button name.

Text Links to URL’s

You can link any text to a website by entering the website address (URL) after the text using the following format.

Example: [See A Sample;]

The name of the link is the text in between the “[" and the ";". For the code entered above, a link will be created called "See A Sample". That link will go to the URL between the ";" and the "]” which is

To create a link:

  1. Open the code with an opening bracket “["
  2. "your text here" is the text that wish to link.
  3. The semicolon ";" separates the text from the actual link.
  4. is the actual link-
  5. Close the code with a close bracket "]“.

Example: [your text here;]

Targeting Links

Links can also be prefixed by a special codes ^,+,-,*,! to determine how the link will open.

^ – will open the page in pop-up window.
+ – will open in a new window.
- – will replace the current window.
* – will open in the current frame.
! – will open in the frameset.