This section is used to change the order of and assign new names to the buttons on your site.

  • Click on the house at the bottom of any page and log into your Admin Menu.
  • Choose Edit Navigation Buttons from the Admin Menu.
  • Click on the Reorder & Rename link below the button list.
  • In the “Rename to” column, type in the new name for the button.
  • Under the “Assigned Group” column, select from one of the existing groups for each button using the pull down menu.
    • Note: In Classic Layout 1, groups are not used.
  • In the “Order” column, enter in the number order for the button.
    • (Number 1 is first button, 2 is second button and so on, and the buttons will adjust accordingly when you change the order for a single button)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Save Changes.